Since its inception the atelier has always welcomed walk-in visitors. There is a considerable collection of gift merchandise and home products which always attract passersby. And, although the practice is "made-to-order", some of the items are available off the rack, if the size, colour and fabric is a fit.

Standart practice requires you to make an appointment for fitting sessions. During these sessions the atelier exclusively serves you. Generally after two fitting sessions, the garment is delivered. This may take 3-7 days depending on the schedule. If you're planning on getting a service for a total wardrobe capsule, thus a longer stay, you are welcome to book Nilüfer Karaca's exclusively designed guest suite. (Click Here)

Garments shown on this web-site are a very small part of the atelier's collections. It would be best to arrange for an appointment to browse the racks and follow along. (Click Here)