Tokyo Exclusive Women's

The Fold

The Fold

Concealing symetry behind asymetry is one of the traits of the designer. This is the remodelled look of a "now" classic design by Nilufer.


Elegant yet contemporary, this dress with an exagerrated collar and a skirt motion shows the distinguished traits of the designer.


The flowing outline of the dress and the natural motion of the design, displays the unique identity of the designer's look.

Pul Pul

This laborious dress is an all time favorite and it was remodelled for Tokyo 2017 .


A very sharp beak, defining the very unique look designer is searching for..


Another trait of the designer is creating outfits that can be styled in various ways. This dress can be worn in three different styles, if necessary provides concealment if not conceals nothing.


Another morphable style by Nilufer with a strong and subtle look.


A multi layered, flowing look with a single layer. another great trait by Nilufer.


The sharp look of an arrowhead and the balance it requires to handle it perfectly expressed by means of fabric.


A dress that plays the music. Adding, motion and sound to a dress is unique to Nilufer.